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My simple explanation.

Intellectual property includes things like graphics, designs, photos, books, descriptions, phrases -- basically it's anything you create.  All intellectual property is automatically "copyrighted", there is no requirement to register it or mark it in any way. If you create it you own it and all copyrights.  If you're looking at a website, all the pictures, borders, buttons, backgrounds and even the words are the property of the webmaster/owner and covered by copyright.

Copyright means you are the only one who is allowed to make copies and sell or give away copies or authorize someone else to sell or display that property. 

So let's talk about copies:  if you didn't create it...  then you shouldn't photograph, print, copy, scan, save or reproduce in any way without the permission of the owner of that intellectual property.  When in doubt, please ask -- most webmasters will let you know right away, if you don't get an answer consider it to be "no".  There are many graphics that are considered "Public Domain".  That simply means that anyone can use it, however, if you use a public domain image and then add to it,  your new image is copyright.  Also, just because it's on the internet does not mean it is "public domain", on the contrary, most everything has a copyright of one form or another.  It has come to my attention that there is someone out there telling people that you it is legal to make copies, like taking a photograph of someone elses work, and for example printing that for joker stickers for you own personal use, this is absolutely not true, it is illegal. It is also being in possession stolen property.

What is a "Registered Copyright"?   That is when the owner takes the time to formally register all their work with the Government.  This registration further protects the owner and any violation can be settled in Federal Court at the violators expense. Please note all of the expenses are the responsibility of the violator whether they loose or not.  It is a serious crime and penalties can be high, not to mention the cost of bringing the action -- (You may also find it interesting to know that these cases do not need to go to trial, there is an automatic fine of $150,000.00 per instance, so in the case of one set of 8 jokers stickers - that's $1,200,000.00.) Seems like it's cheaper to buy the stickers. -- 

Licneced graphics are graphics that can be used by someone who purchases a licence to use it. They are not public domain and they are copyrighted.

It's sort of a "Look but don't touch" situation.

If you have any questions, please email me and I will try to do my best to answer them. 

Please feel free to explore my entire web and thank you for respecting my copyright.


All graphics, design, photos, diagrams, descriptions, phrases and web pages on this site are "Copyright" and the sole property of the author. 

* "CHarli's Stickers"  and all designs displayed on this web site are also
"Registered Copyright"  (Certificate #VA1110792)

*You may not reproduce (copy), distribute (sell), publish (display online or in printed material), create derivative works (play with my designs), transmit (send via email or ship) in any way which exploits in any way my work, or use it for your own personal use, without my written permission. This copyright is subject to US Copyright laws and the laws of Virginia.

"13 Orphans", all web pages and designs are "copyright 2001"

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Copying, saving, printing or borrowing without written permission
is prohibited by law. 

"CHarli" is a trade mark of "side-door.com", "CHarli.org" and the webmaster


You can check on my registered copyright online, you can call the copyright office to confirm it as well. Please be careful,
the Copyright Office must tell you that they are not lawyers and cannot give you legal advice, you need an intellectual lawyer for that advice. This is very complicated law.


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