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   Giving answers is easy, but it's time consuming when you are giving the same answer to 100 individuals in separate emails (every day). So, the purpose of this "BOOK" is two fold; to give you some insight into the process and to provide you with a resource that will be around for some time.  Yes, this is going to be put into print, but we need the resource right away. Here it is. 

   If you wish to bookmark this, please go back and bookmark the opening page. That way if I make changes you won't lose it.  Be warned that I will make a lot of changes over the next few months in order to make this work the way I want.  If you do that for me (bookmark the opening page), I will add a "quick link" so you can bypass the preface and the preamble. The only trick is -- you will have to read through this preamble before you find that quick link.

   Initially, THE BOOK will discuss Plastics - this includes Bakelite, Catalin, Pyralin, Celluloid and all the modern stuff I have.  Once this is functioning, other sections will be added over the next year.  

   I am opening with over 1200 pictures of tiles, so get busy and have fun!  Next will be Wood, Cardboard tiles, and playing card sets.  Those will be followed by Bone & Bamboo and finally ivory.

   This portion of my web, "THE BOOK", will be dedicated to tiles only. Most of the sets shown here will be showcased in my museum in all their glory (as soon as time permits)!   If you have a unique set or some information that is crucial and you would like to share, please email me.  I am sure the mah jong world would appreciate it.

"Hint"  -- browsing as many pages as you can will help. I do not like to be too repetitious so not all points are discussed on all pages.  The PRIMER is essential to understanding the process.  Navigating will be as easy as possible. Look for navigation tips on pages as well.  If you run into any problems again, email me so I can fix it.  I have a special email address set up for this section. Click here to use my handy email page. There are numerous email pages around my web as well, but I prefer the one mentioned above, thanks.

An IMPORTANT REMINDER:  these pages are copyrighted,  that means they are my property and you do not have permission to make copies (that includes printing or saving any text or graphics to your computer or elsewhere).  This is now considered a published work and protected by the Copyright laws of Virginia, the United States, and the world (registration number is pending). 

Happy Hunting!!       CHarli

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