One of the things I want to talk about in this chapter is "Sister Sets", like the group above. This is a new term unless you have been chatting with me about Bone and Bamboo sets. For the most part all these sets are from the same 'distributor' but not necessarily from the same manufacturer.

There were many people crafting these sets in China, most of them arrived in this country in plain cardboard boxes and were then put into decorative boxes. Many companies selling the sets developed their own little trademark boxes to distinguish them from the others in the crowd. Many of the documents regarding the manufacturer are not available, and the same goes for the documents regarding the distributors. As often as possible I will include that information.

Sets were sold according to the quaility, thicker bone was more expensive and often the boxes they were sold in were more elaborate according to the value of the tiles. There is a bit of information about this and whenever possible I will share it with you.

This page is just to show you what I am working on for the book, my museum will also be updated with new pictures and many more sets as I work my way though this.