Another incomplete set but another fabulous example of the variety that was available at one time. I think this may be another Pah Lukk set but if someone has any other information I would certainly appreciate it.  The Dot suit has the same dots as my other set, and 4 of the pagodas are the same.  This set is so unique; all the Character suit has different characters,  please click here to see a slide show of all the tiles.  The winds are very different from anything I have ever seen, there are four different "birdie bams".  The dragons are also all different,  I am thinkng that the red dragons are "fire dragons",  the green ones "earth dragons" and the white ones are either "water dragons" or "flying dragons" --  or meant to represent them because none of the white dragons look like any water dragons or flying dragons I have seen in art works. Unfortunately the box that these tiles came in looks like a cigar box to me, at least it's the same type of light weight wood and falling apart.

There are 145 tiles (one is an extra 6 bam - easy fix), and as soon as a find a piece of wood to match the set I will make the other two missing tiles, or cross my fingers that I find some.

Tiles measure 1 1/4" x 15/16" x 1/2".

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