The Parker Bros. "Club Edition". This is a nice little travel set with a snap flap closure. On the outside of this lid is a brass trademark plaque as seen on the Tuxedo and Newport sets. I am truly sorry but for some reason I just couldn't capture it in a picture this time. The box is covered in cloth. The tiles have a thin French Ivory face and a wood back, the backs are lightly varnished . There is a partition to hold the betting sticks (also Pyralin) and the dice.

There are 144 tiles that measure 1 3/16" x 7/8" x 1/2". The box measures 10 1/8 " x 5 1/2" x 2 5/8 ". The book measures 5 3/8" x 4 1/4" and it has 16 pages.
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