The box is Moy Gam, the booklet is Moy Gam but to me the tiles look like Hillsons because of the peacock. It is interesting that except for the bird, both sets are the same. It is possible that someone added these tiles to this box, or it may be that this particular design of tiles was all that was available at the time. We can learn something about Moy Gam from the book though. Moy Gam is the registered trademark name of the manufacturer given to this set. This set was 'issued by' John A. Gamewell Co., Plainfield, N.J. copyright 1924. The booklet was printed by A.J. Brandt Sons, New York. Sets like this (simple wood sets) were promotional items given as free gifts for various reasons. There are 4 Moy Gam sets in this section of THE BOOK, please look at all of them and form your own opinion.

These tiles are laminated (like plywood), with a thin celluloid layer on the face. The designs are stamped on. When I use the term 'stamped on', that is printed rather than being hand painted. This is an older printing process where they print one color at a time so the designs don't always line up. There are 144 tiles, dozens of colored wooden dowels for betting sticks and dice. There is also a booklet with a familiar dragon design on the front. I have seen this dragon on wood boxes with bone and bamboo tiles, I will now be looking for the connection.

The tiles measure 1 3/16" x 7/8" x 3/8", the designs are embossed (lightly) and painted. The box measures 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 3 1/4". The books measure 8 1/8" x 5 " and has 8 pages.
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