I bought this set from Belgium and it is one of my favorites. The box is beautifully made, sorry I am just not sure what the wood is. The construction is just a bit different from what we see all the time too. There are five drawers, original 152 two-tone (laminated) tiles, a tiny key and 3 bone dice.

I am sure this is not a mass produced set, it is probably hand made but again the craftsmanship is wonderful, look at the details and construction of the tiles.

The tiles measure 1 9/32" x 27/32" x 9/16". The box measures 9 1/2 " x 7 " x 4 3/4 ". The book measures 6 1/4" x 4 3/4", it has 36 pages and it is written in French. The book is copyrighted by F. De Bruyn.
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