A black bamboo set that is very well carved, a quality set. The tiles are a bit thicker than most of my other sets and the paint is wonderful. The box, well, that leaves a lot to be desired, but I do believe it is the original shipping box, so that's why I am presenting it at this time. There is a booklet too, but I think that has been added. I have two reasons for that: the first is that it's in English, and the second is the price of 25 cents on the front - I don't think it would have a price if it was included.

There are 144 tiles that measure 1 3/16" x 13/16" x 1/2". The box measures 8 1/4 " x 6 " x 3 1/4 ". The book measures 7" x 4" and has 16 pages.
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