I thought you might enjoy seeing the smallest set in my collection. Included in the picture is a dime to give you a bit of perspective. It's not playable, it's just for show and for fun. I hope you enjoy the rest of the sets and the serious side of my collection.  This amazing miniature has bone tiles, hand carved and a nice wood box. The tiles are actually 4 pieces of bone, carved to look like 36 tiles each. The craftsman is Carli. from Holland.

The following pages contain the wood sets and wood in combination with other material sets. I think this is a nice representation of the most common ones out there and a few quite rare ones. It would be wonderful to have a copy of every set that exists but, I am not sure that is possible in one lifetime. It's fun trying. I am not including duplicate sets.

If I have any disclaimers, it has to do with the writing. My main focus is the pictures, so please try to get through all the grammar issues. I am concerned about spelling and do miss things from time to time, so feel free to email me if you run across anything like that. 

Thank you to all of you who have given me some space to finish this project - I really appreciate it.


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