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What is a complete set?  Mah Jong 101
What is a birdie bam?
What is a hawk bam?
Birdie Bam??
What's the difference between flowers and seasons? Look!
What is a "ten thousand" character? Here are several
This isn't a set, all the tiles don't match!  Each tile is an individual and may age differently from it's brothers and sisters. It is very common for tiles to be different shades and still be from the same set.
COINS - bakelite or plastic? Some examples of different plastic coins.
What's the difference between bakelite and catalin? Not much?
Storing Tiles? Never store in plastic bags!
Care of your case!! Oil the hinges
How old is the case? Here are some hints on the age of a case
Tiles missing from your set -->  a solution?  Consider having one carved
Cleaning tiles!!!      A MUST read
Testing for plastic      Those tiny tiles that look like B&B
Appraisals and opinions. Professional Appraisals, Consultations
What is copyright? Read this, it's very important
Link to my web site. I have some great banners
Recommended reading Other sites I recommend
A word on prices Okay, more than a word
Buying Tips- my opinion Some notes & observations
Shipping  (from me of course) Expect the best

MOLD A picture is worth a thousand words