Care for those treasures please!!
Tiles Never store in plastic bags it causes chemical changes that you won't like at all. It is still okay to ship little packages of tiles in zip-locks, just remove them as soon as possible.  
If you are a collector, please open the cases from time to time and let these little tiles "breathe".  
Never store near heat!!  
Cases Oil those hinges and latches - actually oil all the metal parts including the little nubs that protect the case, it helps protect them from rusting.  
Your oilcloth "faux alligator" case can be wiped with a damp cloth if you spill on it.
Restoration -- please don't take these cases to a shoe repair or luggage repair place, they will add tacky handles and stupid hinges. Take them to an antique restorer.  

If you think you would like to tackle the restoration on you own case follow this link for step by step instructions.

more about Cases


a picture or 2

Storing your precious trumpet cases is important too, please check out a couple of pictures of how to and how not to store.

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