Care for those treasures please!! 
These are ONLY recommendations, I cannot be responsible if you destroy your tiles.

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Tiles Never store in plastic bags it causes chemical changes that you won't like at all. It is still okay to ship little packages of tiles in zip-locks, just remove them as soon as possible.  
If you are a collector, please open the cases from time to time and let these little tiles "breathe".  
Never store near heat!! 
Cleaning Tiles

Catalin, Bakelite, & Plastic ONLY

Chinese Bakelite -- see below

this is serious cleaning not every day cleaning (see below for that)

Never plunge your tiles into a sink full of hot soapy water! First it will damage the paint, if they are layered tiles you can expect them to come apart.  

Clean tiles "one at a time". If you have some tiles you want to remove old stickers from, the first thing to do is to determine what you are removing. I have seen many different things over the years and almost every one requires a different approach.

NEW!!  I now sell "Plastic Blades" which will not scratch your tiles. They are great for removing old stickers.

Adhesive Tape: is one of the worst, it's very sticky and no matter how careful you are the paint on the tile will be removed (either from the tape or the cure). First try to pull off the tape so you can get to the adhesive, if you need to use a sharp blade like a box cutter be careful not to scratch the tile. Removing anything that is sticky requires a cleaner like Goo Gone (that has different names in different parts of the country), It will take off the sticky without damaging paint on the tiles depending on what you are removing and how long that sticky substance has been on the tile. You may need to use some sort of pick to get into the carvings, again be careful.

Scotch Tape: This tape should NEVER be used on tiles, it will stain them and the stains cannot be removed. Older Scotch Tape must have had some acid in it which will attack the tile itself. This tape will remove paint from the tiles. Now, how to remove it, try Goo Gone, if that doesn't budge it then try some "non acetone" nail polish remover, use this carefully please. Take a paper towel, put a bit on that and rub. Once again, after this is clean use a damp paper towel to clean the polish remover from the tile and dry thoroughly. Nail polish remover is going to remove the original paint from the tile.

Old Stickers: If you are removing very stubborn NJML (red) stickers -- someone has used something else to attach them. Their glue was never very good and they usually just pop off if you use your finger nail. Some suggestions about what was used ??? anything you can imagine, glue, nail polish, paint or tape. Please refer to the above methods. My stickers, you have to try and peel them off before you can get to the adhesive, then use Goo Gone and clean afterward.

Paint: The best thing I have found is non acetone nail polish remover. Please keep in mind that a lot of old paint has lead in it (that's why it stays so well), be careful of our environment and dispose of the paint carefully.

Chinese Bakelite Although this tests positive to Bakelite I do believe that these tiles are actually a Celluloid material, they are much more delicate than Catalin so many cleaners will damage the tiles and the finish on them. Goo Gone seems to do a good job without damage. Never soak these in anything and nail polish remover will burn them (turn them a dark brown) so it is NOT recommended.
Everday Cleaning Accidents happen, spills happen... please grab a paper towel and look after it right away. The more you can use a dry cloth (or paper) towel to rub these tiles clean the better. Most manufactures recommended a dry cloth, both Royal Games and Rottgames supplied cleaning cloths and instructions. Got a little bit of gunk on a tile and you don't know where it came from? Try your fingernail and a paper towel. Your fingernail will not scratch a tile a blade will!

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