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The only time I will ever charge you for packing materials is if you request something special that I have to purchase ... and then it would never be a surprise. 

I recycle all my packing materials ---  I do not give each and every piece of bubble wrap the sniff test!!   So PLEASE air that set out for a day before you complain -- it may be packing materials.  Now, I have a pretty sensitive nose and most of the time when I open a box I know there will be an issue, that packing material is trashed immediately.  But I don't know what it's sitting next to in the shipping truck. 

When you open a mah jong set shipped from me, you will realize that this is the best packing you will get anywhere. I take a lot of time to prepare it for shipping.

I try to get you the best rates and ship USPS, UPS or FedEx.

I recommend Priority Post with the post office because it gets the items there quickly (they have less time to mis-handle it).

Insurance should be without question, but it is your decision.

All shipments will have delivery confirmation and require a signature.

I NEVER refund shipping costs, ever!


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