A word or two on Prices    ©

I am not going to update this regularly and it is just to give you some idea of what is happening out there. Below are some prices recently on eBay. Please remember that eBay is considered wholesale! and there are certain risks involved.

Bettors $42.00 each
5 Bakelite (vintage) racks $85.00  set
Bakelite or smooth vintage coins $100.00 per 100
Coin rack (holds 100 coins, bakelite base) $85.00
Dice, vintage bakelite or lucite  $5.99 pair
Bakelite tiles ...  (nothing special)  $3.00 each
Joker Stickers  $16.50  set
Vintage case, with trays $75.00
Total    $865.49

          this does not include separate shipping for each item.

If you're missing a few tiles in your eBay purchase,
 expect to pay $5.00 - $15.00 each (depending on the tiles) 

This list is a list of individual items and is NOT updated regularly!

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