An appraisal is when I examine a mah jong set, assess its condition, completeness and share my opinion on it's current value and/or what you may expect to pay for it.

However, there are two levels of appraisals...  

#1   A visual with email response - I examine photos then  I express my opinion of the set value based on its manufacturer, the condition, the completeness and the source.  My fee for this kind of appraisal is $30.00

#2  A written -  After assessing all the aspects of the set I provide a document (suitable for framing) signed, and with my seal, stating the manufacturer and my fair assessment of the current value.  This kind of appraisal is most valuable for insurance and for sellers who want to have some sort of certification.   My fee for this service is $150.00

Please contact me by email if you are interested in this service.                Thanks   CHarli