The head office for this company was based in San Francisco and they were probably one of the larger importers of Mah Jong sets in the US.  Yes, I do spell the word Mah Jong differently.  According to all the literature written by Babcock, he copyrighted the spelling and the font seen on all the sets and packaging, but I am convinced that he did this only in the US.  I have some sets from Europe that are just Mah Jongg Sales. Mah Jongg Sales of America was owned by Joseph Babcock, he later sold it to Parker Brothers.  However, the better quality sets were sold under the MJSA logo and the less expensive sets were sold under the Parker Bros. name. Notice that both brands used the same designs.  MJSA also sold some Bakelite sets, those are not pictured above because this "family photo" was set up to show many of the sets and some accessories listed in the catalog.  If you go to my libarary, on page 11, you will see the catalog there and if you click on the link at the bottom of the that page I have set up a movie showing the contents of the catalog.  It is very interesting.